Monday, September 30, 2019

Near to Him

30 September

But as for me, it is good to be near God.  (Ps 73:28; NIV)

Some years ago, I met with a couple of men from the church for a time of prayer and devotions.  One of them read this passage as part of his devotions.  I thought about it and had to agree it is good to be near God.

Have you ever watched a young child in the park?  They start out playing close to their parents, but as time goes on, they get further and further away.  All of a sudden, they look up and realize they have gone too far and can no longer see mom or dad.  Panic sets in and they start to cry as if to say "Where are you?  I need you to save and protect me!"  I feel the same way when I try to do things without God.  I walk out on my own and leave his comfort and protection, and after a while, I find I am all alone, and I realize I have gone too far.  I cry out for him, and like the father he is, he comes to my rescue.  He picks me up and holds me close so that I feel secure again.  As we get older, it seems like its a lot harder for us to admit that we need someone to come to our aid.  But aren't we all God's children?  There are unwritten rules of behavior when it comes to the relationship between parent and child.  One of those rules is that as a child, I have the right to call on my parents for comfort, support, and love.  Even though many earthly parents fail to abide by this unwritten rule, our heavenly Father has it etched on his heart, and when I call out, I find he is right next to me with his hands reaching for mine.  It is good to be near God!! 

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