Friday, November 8, 2019


8 November

Since you are eager to have the gifts of the Spirit, you must try above everything else to make greater use of those which help to build up the church.  (1 Co 14:12; GNT)

We live in a time where we are told and even encouraged to live for ourselves, do everything to make our lives easier and forget the other person.  Paul tells us to do something different.  The people of Corinth were much like people today.  They knew that certain gifts fo the Spirit would make them look good if used in front of others.  Paul says that these gifts are great but as the body of Christ, all working for the good of him who saved us, we should make greater use of those gifts which help to build up the church.

So, what kind of gifts are included here which can build up the church?  How about the gift of giving (time and money), the gift of praying for others, the gift of encouragement, the gift of prophecy (I'm not talking about "psychic-hotline" but about instructing others).  The list of gifts of the Holy Spirit goes on and on but we should make greater use of the ones that build up the church.  Those gifts that put others ahead of ourselves after all that is the way Jesus would do it.  So, take some time to think about the gifts you have and the way they can be used to help others.

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